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Job Fair Attracts 1,000 Job Seekers

The lines were long and hopes high at a local job fair organized by Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda on Wednesday, April 5 at the Sonia Sotomayor Community Center in Soundview.

The event drew up to 1,200 job seekers and 72 potential employers from government and private agencies and organizations, retailers, hospitals and healthcare organizations, educational institutions and general contractors among many others.

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By Robert Wirsing

Source: Bronx Times Reporter

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10 Reasons to ‘Shop Local If You Live Local – In The Bronx’


  1. Dollars you spend locally support public services in our community.
  2. Our community is unique and our one of a kind businesses are an integral part of our character. Local ownership ensures that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impacts of these decisions.
  3. You can grow a relationship with your local merchants. They can get to know you and cater to your preferences.
  4. Local merchants care about and invest in our community. They donate part of your dollars back to local groups and charities.
  5. Your local purchases support local jobs.
  6. When you shop at one local merchant, you are supporting a host of other businesses. Banks, restaurants and other businesses cluster around our local shops.
  7. Local shops are more accessible for everyone. This is especially important for elderly, vulnerable and young people.
  8. You can save money by shopping near your home. You drive less, save time, and you would be surprised how ofter the retail prices are lower.
  9. You can reduce your environmental impact by cutting out drives to big box shopping centers outside our community.
  10. Your purchases help our community attract new entrepreneurs and skilled workers. When we preserve our one of a kind businesses and distinctive character, we are more successful in recruiting.

Think about all these reasons the next time you are getting into your car to shop outside of our communities. We know that sometimes it is unavoidable and you need to make purchases outside the community, all we ask is to consider your local merchants first. Help support local merchants and help your community.

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Work Progress Program

The NYC Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO), in partnership with the Human Resources Administration (HRA) and Young Men’s Initiative, is inviting young adult service providers to apply for the Work Progress Program, a subsidized wage program for low-income young adults.

In today’s challenging economy, meaningful work opportunities for young adults are limited. In response, the City is reimbursing wages for one-to-three month work opportunities for participants in qualifying youth training and development programs.  These opportunities will provide participants with wages to meet immediate needs and valuable experience to build their careers.

This program provides reimbursements for wages only; participating organizations are expected to support program costs with other resources. The overview includes a description of the program and an application.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, pending funding availabilities. Programs can begin as early as October 29, 2012.

Click here to access the application (PDF) or visit CEO’s website,

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact WPP Project Director Moe Magali at

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Sponsored by the Throggs Neck Merchants Association, Ethan Chazin will be giving a presentation at the Villa Barone Manor on September 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM. Here is Ethan’s story, as told by Ethan Chazin…..

“It’s my singular goal to help EVERY person find their DREAM job. Why?”

Ethan Chazin - The Chazin GroupI was laid off eight times (NEVER for performance) in my 20+ year career in Corporate America. Despite contributing to all of my past employer’s success in marketing and sales roles, I was always deemed to be EXPENDABLE. In 2009, I had a life-changing vision to apply my passion for helping others with my strong branding and communications skills. I authored the book: “Bulletproof Your Career in Turbulent Times,“ and decided to dedicate the rest of my career to helping others develop their Unique Selling Proposition and market themselves for career success.

As the Founder and President of The Chazin Group ( I also apply my experience leading teams through significant transformation across many industries by best leveraging their employees for competitive success. I have leveraged my significant expertise in strategic planning, marketing, sales, new business development, client relationship building, communications, employee enrichment, and strategic planning, and served MOST of the Fortune 500 as clients.

As an executive recruiter and career coach, I have helped 12,000 job seekers find employment. I have taught as a professor at New York University, Fordham University, Baruch College, and St. John’s University AND conducted career exploration/work readiness programs at 40+ colleges and Universities.

I coach organizations to successfully transform using talent management and people-focused strategies. I teach organizations to apply WHY and WHAT IF as key strategies. Organizations I have worked with include: Goldman Sachs, the Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn Chambers of Commerce, Rutgers University, State University-NY, Small Business Development Centers, and the NYC Business Solutions Center. I conduct professional development and career transition programs at many trade/industry Associations.

I counsel organizations in analyzing and assessing the global economy, with a focus on global employment trends. With this knowledge, I am proud to provide enlightened projections to academic institutions on the programs they need to offer their students and help businesses owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups unleash their people’s untapped talents to become MORE successful in today’s 21st Century workplace. I’ve been active in the American Marketing Assn., American Management Assn. and the Business Marketing Assn. and served on the Board of the Association of Career Professionals NY.

I have been published in business publications, appeared on radio programs, and participated in panels discussing the state of today’s workplace. I am constantly exploring industries that are experiencing job growth, and I constantly provide career expertise and professional development. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Cal. State University-East Bay and my MBA in Marketing from George Washington University.

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Help Wanted! Independent Sales Reps to sell advertisement spaces on Print Media., a bronx based business, has taken menu advertising to the next level.

The website, run out of  the Throggsneck section of the Bronx, allows restaurant goers to view or print a menu from their favorite restaurant online.

There are many websites that provide these services free of charge so, you may ask, “what makes different?”.

On many menu sites, a restaurant menu is usually collected from the internet by automated bots, this automated process allows a site to collect menus and the menu items on the menu at a very cost effective rate. This is great for the website, but ultimately, the menus are incorrect due to outdated information that is perpetuated by the automated process.  Also, If a restaurant owner is not “internet smart” or is just too busy, it is difficult to add the menu on a website to start with, as is the case with many “mom and pop” restaurants.

Another service that differentiates from other menu sites is the “Co-op Advertising Program”, which is key to the success of

The “Co-op Advertising Program” allows local merchants to place a business card sized ad on the printed menu of a local restaurant menu. prints 10,000 full color 11″ x 17″ menus for each participating restaurant and the menus are distributed by the restaurant or a third party distribution service, in the local area of the restaurant.  The restaurant will also place the menus inside their establishment for takeout and delivery services.

In addition to being on the printed menu, the local merchant, or sponsor, will also have:

  • A profile, with the company logo, contact information and description, on the website.
  • The printed menu available for download with the merchant advertisement.
  • The advertisement will appear on the online version of the printed menu.
  • The advertisement will appear on any online version of the non participating restaurant menus. You will appear on online menus you haven’t paid for.
  • The advertisement on for 2 months, free of charge.

The goals of

  • To provide local restaurants with a means to improve business productivity by keeping printing costs down.  Restaurants need to have their menus printed, and the better the quality of the menus, the higher the cost.  This cost is ultimately passed on to the customer with higher prices.  Participating local restaurants will have the option to print and distribute menus VERY cost effectively, allowing restaurants to reach much more potential customers while keeping their prices down.
  • To provide local merchants and business professionals a means to advertise locally and cost effectively. The problem with advertising your business, your services or your special offers: When consumers receive your advertisement, they will either keep the advertisement for future use or toss it. The majority of advertisements are tossed almost immediately. That is why advertising in print publications is more effective when it has a longer shelf life. The problem with that is higher advertising costs. Advertising with is the perfect solution to this proble. When consumers are delivered a menu, they will either keep the menu for future use or toss it. The difference is that menus are not tossed out as quickly. Most consumers will want to try a restaurant before they decide they do not want the menu, therefor, the menu has an immediate value to the consumer. Every time the consumer looks at the menu to order or decide what to eat, they will see the advertisement of a local merchant, extending the life of the local merchant advertisement. It is not unusual for consumers  to keep menus of their favorite restaurants for years, only changing them when they are out of date.

Initially, only restaurants in The Bronx will be participating in the “Co-op Advertising Program”.  Plans to expand throughout NYC and the Tri-State area are being considered.

If you own a restaurant in the Bronx and want to know if you qualify for the Co-op Advertising Program, please send an email to with your name, phone number and restaurant information. If you are not interested in the Co-op Advertising Program, but want your menu to appear on, please send an email to

If you own or manage  a business and want to advertise in a local restaurant menu, please send an email to with your name, phone number and restaurant information.

Help Wanted is also looking for Independent Sales Reps to sell advertisement spaces for the Co-op Advertising Program.

To be successful in this position, the candidate needs to be a highly motivated, extremely confident, self-starter with a positive attitude. The candidate will meet with customers in a face-to-face environment to sell advertisement spaces, so a professional appearance, professional demeanor and strong communication skills are required.  Multiple positions are available with growth potential for the right candidate. The Independent Sales Rep is a commission only position with residual income potential. You will be working your own hours with the potential to make $75K+ annually. You must have reliable transportation and be at least 18 years of age. Candidates may be subject to a background screening.

If you feel you are the right candidate for this job, please send an email to with your name, phone number and/or Resume.

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