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Only 3 Day to Go for The Throggs Neck ‘Summer 2016’ Restaurant Week

Only 3 Days Remaining!

The summer of 2016 is on it’s way out and so is the Throggs Neck ‘Summer 2016’ Restaurant Week.  So if you haven’t already visited these fine restaurants for restaurant week, this weekend is your last chance. At least until next year!

Click on the images below to see videos from some of the restaurants we visited…

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Pest Control Violation Letter Is A Scam

A statement was made by assistant commissioner Mario Merlino alerting new yorkers about a “vermin control of new york” letter scam.

New York City Health Department Assistant Commissioner for Pest Control and Veterinary Services Mario Merlino today alerted New York City residents about a scam involving fake pest control violation notices issued by “Vermin Control of New York.” These fraudulent notices look like they are issued by the Health Department and are signed by a former Department of Buildings Commissioner. The notice demands payment for alleged “assessment and eradication of vermin” in the amount of $120. The Health Department is investigating these notices and has referred the matter to the City’s Department of Investigation. Any New Yorker receiving a notice should immediately contact 311.

“Unscrupulous people are mailing fraudulent violation notices acting as the Health Department’s Division of Pest Control,” said Assistant Commissioner for Pest Control Services Mario Merlino. “New Yorkers should know that the Health Department never issues a notice of violation demanding immediate payment. Our notices of violation allow New York City residents to address any violations and they can be contested at an official hearing. We ask New Yorkers to immediately contact 311 or the Health Department if they have received a letter from “Vermin Control of New York;” with their help we can stop these tactics.”

In this particular scam, a letter from the “Vermin Control of New York” is sent via U.S. mail to an unsuspecting property owner. The notice is printed on a fake NYC Health Department letterhead and claims to originate from “Rodent Control Program Assessment.” The letter requests immediate payment for specified amounts ranging from $120 through $280 to be mailed to “Vermin Control of New York” at 1255 150th Street, Whitestone, NY 11357. The notice also says “This violation cannot be contested or challenged.”

A notice of violation cannot result in a fine or penalty without there being an opportunity to contest it in a hearing. Further, the Health Department never requests that it, or its programs, be paid directly for violations it issues. A copy of a fraudulent notice of violation can be found below.

We ask the public to be alert to this scam.


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Summer 2016 Throggs Neck Restaurant Week

BRONX, N.Y. – Aug. 4, 2016  — The Throggs Neck Merchant Association is proud to announce the “Throggs Neck Summer 2016 Restaurant Week”.

The huge success of the first Throggs Neck Restaurant Week leads to a second restaurant week in less than a year.

summer 2016 restaurant week logoThe Throggs Neck Merchant Association will be coordinating the event which will take place August 19 through September 4, 2016. The event will take place for a period of 16 days, including 3 weekends, allowing you and your friends to experience the diverse food fare in Throggs Neck and neighboring communities.

Throggs Neck, located in the south eastern part of the Bronx and known for its share of Italian restaurants, has seen a change in the last few years. With an influx of new restaurants offering a wide selection of latin cuisine, from traditional Spanish, Mexican, and Puerto Rican to multi-cultural Latin Fusion, the dining possibilities in Throggs Neck have grown exponentially. With over thirty restaurants participating in the Throggs Neck Summer 2016 Restaurant Week event, you can chose from Italian, Latin, German, Irish, American and Japanese, prepared in traditional, nouveau or fusion techniques.

tnrw summer 2016 postcardAll restaurants participating in the Throggs Neck Summer 2016 Restaurant Week event will be offering a 3 course prix fixe dinner menu. Some restaurants will also be offering a 3 course prix fixe lunch menu, giving you a great excuse to plan your lunch meetings during this event. The cost for the prix fixe dinner at most restaurants will be $25, and some restaurants, with a higher price point, will be charging $35 for the dinner. The cost for the Prix fixe lunch will be $15. For information on participating restaurants, their prix fixe menus or to sign up for specials and future discounts, you can visit the website at

“Tasty Ladies”, a bronx based food critic and blogger will be covering some of the restaurants, so you can visit their site for pictures and to read about their experiences before and during restaurant week. The link to the “Tasty Ladies” website is

If you can’t decide which restaurant to dine in, you can visit the website or view the participants on google maps: With the majority of restaurants running along a 1.5 mile stretch on Tremont Ave, you can easily identify the participating restaurants. Just look for the yellow Restaurant Week Banners.

Participating restaurants are: Acri Cafe ( Italian), Alley Cat Smokehouse ( Smokehouse), Brewski’s Bar & Grill ( Bar & Grill), CABO Restaurant (Spanish), Casa Restaurant (Spanish), Crosstown Diner (American), DaFranco & Tony Ristorante (Italian), Escape Restaurant & Lounge (Spanish), Estrellita Poblana IV (Spanish), Fine Food Cuisine (American), Havana Cafe (Spanish), Honey’s Thai Pavillion (Thai), Ice House Cafe (American), Jenavies Cafe (Spanish), Jimmy’s Grand Cafe (American), Louis Seafood Restaurant (Italian), Lucca Fine Italian Cuisine (Italian), Made In Puerto Rico Latin Cuisine (Spanish), Mama Puebla Mexican Restaurant (Spanish), Mamajuana Cafe the Bronx (Spanish), Outback SteakHouse (Bar & Grill), Paddys On the Bay (American), Patricia’s of Tremont (Italian), Rino’s Italian Restaurant (Italian), Riverview Grill at Trump Ferry Point (American), Sapitos Sports Bar and Grill (Bar & Grill), The Wicked Wolf (Bar & Grill), Throggs Neck Clipper (Bar & Grill), Tosca Cafe (Italian), Uncle Al’s (Soul Food), Yamada Japanese Restaurant (Japanese).

So, if you’re planning a birthday, anniversary, night out with the family, or a simple date night, just call one of the participating restaurants for a great night out.

Bon Appetit!



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Catholic Charities Opens Melrose Food Center


By Robert Wirsing

Bronx Times

Timothy Cardinal Dolan joined Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York and its partners in celebrating the grand opening of the Catholic Charities Community Services Food Distribution Center on Thursday, June 23 at 402 E. 152nd Street. The food hub will increase access to fresh produce, nutritious food and support services to a network of community-based interfaith partner pantries and soup kitchens in the Bronx and northern Manhattan. Catholic Charities is also opening a new Client Choice Food Pantry at the same site which will serve 350 families per week.

See this story at

Source: Bronx Times Reporter

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Jacobi Medical Ceneter Pulmonary Embolism Response Team is a borough first

By Patrick Rocchio

Bronx Times

Jacobi Medical Center is pioneering a new method for treating pulmonary embolisms that is a first for the borough.

The hospitals’ Pulmonary Embolism Response Team, established over six months ago, makes Jacobi the first borough hospital to incorporate a new team-based method for treating pulmonary embolisms.

The method was first piloted in 2012 at Massachusetts General Hospital.

PERT utilizes teamwork among doctors in dealing with pulmonary embolisms, which are blockages of lung arteries that can lead to organ damage. The goal is to bring about earlier diagnosis and treatment, said team members.

“It is a multi-disciplinary approach that happens in real time,” said a Jacobi spokesman, adding the hospital’s was the first PERT in the borough.

The Jacobi PERT team includes a vascular surgeon, an interventional cardiologist, a pulmonologist, and emergency medicine and critical care personnel, according to team members.

Dr. Seth Sokol, chief of cardiology said that once a patient is identified as having a pulmonary embolism, PERT members review the data on the patient 24- hours-a-day and seven-days-a-week, wherever the team members are.

“One of the team members from the critical care department is always in the hospital,” said Dr. Matthew Langston, director of the medical and intensive care unit and a team member.

When a patient is identified and recommended to the PERT team, the members of the group have a conference call or a meeting no matter the hour and review data, said Sokol. A course of treatment is then planned.

PERT is designed to identify patients that rapidly that need stepped up treatment, explained team members.

“The purpose of PERT is to evaluate every patient that comes in and decide whether they are a patient that is at high risk for bad outcomes,” said Sokol. “To do that, it really takes a multi-disciplinary team.”

In the past, patients were given blood thinners, and different medical departments and disciplines were consulted as needed, but patient outcomes could vary, according to the doctors.

So far, PERT has helped over 20 patients in terms of identifying and treating pulmonary embolus using new protocols developed in the Jacobi Department of Cardiology that more effectively treat the potentially fatal condition, according to a hospital spokesman.

One of the patients who has benefitted from PERT is Ingrid Morrision of Williamsbridge, who said that the team was able to quickly find two large blood clots so that she could be treated quickly.

“The doctors did not leave me alone – they were constantly there in my room,” said Morrision, adding “they monitored me 24/7.”

Morrision said that the PERT and the cardiac unit at Jacobi left no stone unturned, and are the reason she came through the ordeal.

Reach Reporter Patrick Rocchio at (718) 260?4597. E-mail him at Follow him on Twitter @patrickfrocchio.

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Source: Bronx Times Reporter

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