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Throggs Neck Restaurant Week offers cool deals during dog days of summer


By Arthur Cusano

Bronx Times

The Throggs Neck Merchant Association’s Summer Restaurant Week kicked off Thursday, August 18 at Rosy’s Manor Hall on East Tremont Avenue.

Merchant association president Stephen Kaufman said the event, which runs from August 19 to September 14, is aimed at boosting business in what is often seen as a quiet time for neighborhood eateries, and as a way to draw attention to what he considered a burgeoning dining destination.

“I think we’re becoming a real restaurant row,” Kaufman said. “The restaurants are great and we want them to develop a relationship where customers can dine on great food and not have it cost a fortune.”

The association held a restaurant week in January, which Kaufman said was very successful

“It was brutal outside, but a lot of the restaurants did great, they made money,” he said.

Yamada Japanese restaurant manager Kelly Chen was one of the merchants serving samples of dishes to guests.

She said the event was a good way to bring neighborhood merchants together and help build community.

“I hope this gets even better as more and more restaurants join,” she said.

Yamada was the first in the area to offer sushi in Throggs Neck before it caught on in the outer boroughs.

“Before us, a lot of our customers would go to Manhattan to eat sushi,” she said. “When we opened they were so happy.”

Yamada is offering a special prix fixe deal through September 4: an appetizer, main course and dessert for $25.

In addition to sushi, Yamada also offers a wide variety of Japanese dishes like hibachi and teriyaki.

They recently renovated the restaurant to accommodate more customers and a full bar, offering a large selection of sake.

“Sushi and sake go perfect together,” she said.

Cabo Mexican restaurant general manager Rubin Ramos has operated the eatery for eight months

He said publicity from merchant’s association events like restaurant week go a long way in boosting awareness of neighborhood eateries like his.

“We have good food there, but people walk by the restaurant and they have no knowledge of our food,” Ramos said.

Cabo executive chef Fernando Avelino will offer up a new three-course prix fixe menu special every night for restaurant week, in addition to the regular menu, Ramos added.

“We have pork chops, we have churrasco skirt steaks, we have salmon a la plancha, a lot of stuff – not just tacos and burritos.”

Association technology director Hussein Nouri said the official poster featuring participants would soon be all over the neighborhood.

“We’re going to start putting them out in all the neighborhoods and putting them in windows,” he said. “We advertise on Facebook and so far we have over 2,000 people who have signed up for our updates.”

For a complete list of participating restaurants, go to

Reach Reporter Arthur Cusano at (718) 260-4591. E-mail him at

Source: Bronx Times Reporter

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New spa at City Island offers beauty treatments


By Bob Guiliano

Bronx Times

A trio of Bronx health-care professionals pondering ways to beautify storefronts along City Island Avenue instead thought, “Let’s make the people of the Bronx more beautiful!”

The three women who shared that thought are Mary Jo Byrne, Patrice Cashen and Joanne Rooney, co-owners of Complexions of City Island Laser Skin Spa, 403 City Island Avenue, which opened Saturday, September 9.

“The concept was to provide this type of service to City Island and surrounding communities,” Byrne said. “There’s no other business in the area like it.”

Complexion’s two aestheticians, Emerald Hansen and Kristen Ramos, licensed by the NYS Department of Education, are “highly qualified and certified aestheticians who provide clients with a specialized treatment plan for concerns of hair removal, acne, age spots, rosacea, fungal nails and facial veins,” Byrne said.

And all five women are trained and certified to use the medical grade devices — Formatk laser and Viora — in the spa. The equipment used is FDA-approved and state-of-the art, according to Byrne.

“This is not a medical spa, so we are under the beauty enhancement license, but we’re offering medical-grade quality treatments,” Byrne said.

“While Byrne, a physician assistant, cannot independently practice medicine without a physician, Rooney as a nurse practitioner can practice independently. And Cashen is a registered nurse.

Byrne said that clients may come in for just one treatment, but the most effective results are derived from three to five treatments.

For example, regarding hair treatment, Byrne noted that hair grows in three cycles over a one-month period. So this requires one treatment a month for three months in order to see an effective reduction in hair growth in the underarms, bikini area, lips, chin, back, or legs.

Men may have ear hair removed, but no one may have hairs removed from within their nostrils, Byrne stressed, because hair cannot be removed from areas with mucous membranes.

As far as microdermabrasion, clients experience an exfoliation treatment of the face and body utilizing Pristine, a medical grade device, according to Byrne.

It can reduce fine lines and result in a polished skin tone after even one treatment.

Body contouring and skin tightening is achieved by Reaction, which utilizes radio frequency waves that warm the deep tissue, along with vacuum suction that enhances the face, necklines, arms, abdomen, buttocks and saddle bags, according to Byrne.

“While you’re lying there on the table, you’ll feel a warm, massaging sensation,” Byrne said. “Then, when you actually stand up after one treatment, you’re going to see a reduction in the circumference and you’re going to feel tighter almost as if you went to the gym and did situps. We’ll measure you before and after.”

Byrne said they also weigh clients, not wanting them to think they can be treated and then can go out and eat excessive calories. They are also moving patients toward healthier diets to go along with their treatments.

The message that Complexions wants to get out to the community is that it wants to offer this level of treatment to City Island as well as Throggs Neck, Country Club and Co-op City.

The website is

Reach Reporter Bob Guiliano at (718) 260-4599. E-mail him at

Source: Bronx Times Reporter

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Brady new director of HUB / Third Avenue BID


A new executive director of the HUB / Third Avenue Business Improvement District was recently named.

Michael Brady recently took the helm of the business organization at a time of transition: an exciting period with several substantial new nearby residential and community developments in the works.

There’s a confluence of development activities within the BID boundaries and just to the south that are spurring a lot of excitement, he said.

“It is just a really exciting time for the south Bronx and the level of development that is happening is unlike anything else in New York City,” said Brady, adding projections show there will be an additional 8,000,000 square feet of new development added in a ten-block radius of the BID.

These new projects include residential, commercial and programmatic space, he said.

One of the largest new developments, which breaks ground shortly, is La Central.

It includes 996 housing units, ground-level retail and community facilities including a YMCA near Westchester and Bergen avenues.

It is just one of many new exciting projects.

This is particularly sensational time, said Brady, because Melrose, which includes the BID service area, saw up to 50 years of disinvestment in the past.

There was a time when the BID was without a single bank branch, said Brady. Today 200,000 people pass through in a day.

With so much new development and business activity comes investment in public works, he said, explaining that the BID and surrounding community are seeing sewer upgrades and new wifi broadband.

Visibly on the street is Roberto Clemente Plaza that’s currently under construction at Third and Willis avenues.

It will include performance space, a fountain, planters, bus shelters and seating.

Such investments, along with transportation studies and the like, simply were not undertaken for many years, he said.

“We are seeing right now this high level of community investment so we can catch up and remain competitive to our counterparts,” said Brady, adding that this includes the citywide business environment.

With so much new development happening nearby, one of Brady’s goals is to expand the boundaries of the BID to include much more of the Melrose community.

He said the BID would present a plan to the NYC City Council as part of a two-year strategy to expand its boundaries: going south to East 146th Street and north to near the 42nd Precinct around East 158th Street, as well as to Lincoln Medical Center and Brook Avenue.

“As a result of the expansion we will be the largest BID in the Bronx,” he said.

Brady, who started the job in December, most immediately succeeded Steven Fish as director, who in turn took the helm after the departure in 2015 of Vincent Valentino, the BID’s executive director for two decades.

“BIDs have evolving needs, and Vinny being a former NYPD detective really helped the BID grapple with public safety issues,” said Brady.

Mario De Giorgio of Youngland and past HUB / Third Avenue BID board of directors chairman, stated he was very pleased to have Brady “on board” when he was appointed.

Reach Reporter Patrick Rocchio at (718) 260?4597. E-mail him at Follow him on Twitter @patrickfrocchio.

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By Patrick Rocchio

Source: Bronx Times Reporter

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Only 3 Day to Go for The Throggs Neck ‘Summer 2016’ Restaurant Week

Only 3 Days Remaining!

The summer of 2016 is on it’s way out and so is the Throggs Neck ‘Summer 2016’ Restaurant Week.  So if you haven’t already visited these fine restaurants for restaurant week, this weekend is your last chance. At least until next year!

Click on the images below to see videos from some of the restaurants we visited…

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10th Annual Bon Appetit at the Bronx YMCA fundraiser

The Bronx YMCA’s only fundraising event this year will include a tribute to a past executive director and former honorees.

The 10th Anniversary Bon Appetit at the Bronx YMCA, a food-tasting fundraising event on Thursday, September 8, features a re-dedication of a plaque to Ralph Jallouk, a former executive director of the Bronx Y and who worked there from 1940s to the 1980s.

The re-dedication of the lost plaque is just part of a larger outdoor shindig that will feature food from many of the borough’s best restaurants, said Geri Sciortino, Bronx YMCA board of managers chairwoman.

The funds are raised for a worthy cause, she said.

“It is our only fundraiser of the year, and all the money that we raise that night goes towards our scholarship fund for children and families who need the resources and services of the YMCA, but who cannot afford it,” said Sciortino, adding that organization never turns anyone who needs help away if they cannot pay.

Some of the services the scholarship funds are after-school, learn to swim and summer camp programming, she said.

The event is held at the Bronx YMCA’s picturesque waterfront campus, and includes unlimited food and wine for $100 per ticket.

Some of the participating restaurants include Havana Café, Good to Go Restaurant, Golden Glow Cookies, Gangsta Grannies, Levia Croskey, Coffee Distributors, Thai No. 1, Stephanie Culinary Studio, Sabrosura 2 Restaurant and Escape Latino, with many more to be announced.

The event usually includes food from 20 to 25 restaurants, said Sharlene Brown. It will feature a tribute to 29 honorees from previous Bon Appetit events, she said.

“We are inviting them back as honored guests (because of) their continued support, not just to Bon Appetit, but to the Bronx community,” she said. “We wanted to say ‘thank you.’”

The rededication of the plaque to Jallouk, first dedicated in 1997 at the facility’s outdoor pool house area, is important to remembering the past history of the organization, she said.

The plaque was removed during a renovation and then lost during Hurricane Sandy, said Brown, according to the best information available.

“If something was lost it needs to be put back. It is something that we want to do because we have to be grateful to the people who paved the way to where we are today,” she said.

Jallouk’s son Richard recalled that his father helped raise funds to purchase the YMCA’s facility at 2 Castle Hill Avenue.

“In the Bronx, so many people knew my dad,” said Jallouk. “He was a real asset.”

For more information about Bon Appetit, contact the Bronx YMCA at (212) 912-2490.


Reach Reporter Patrick Rocchio at (718) 260?4597. E-mail him at Follow him on Twitter @patrickfrocchio.

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Source: Bronx Times Reporter

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